RWH011: Emotional Intelligence In Investing & Life w/ Daniel Goleman

William Green chats with Daniel Goleman, author of the blockbuster book “Emotional Intelligence.” It has sold over 5 million copies in about 40 languages, establishing him as the world’s leading expert on how emotional intelligence can boost performance and improve decision-making. In this conversation, he explains how investors can manage their emotions more effectively, so they can think more rationally, reduce stress, increase their focus, and strengthen their resilience. 
00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:10 – How a famed Harvard psychologist inspired Daniel Goleman to study high performance.
00:04:10 – How spiritual teachers like Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba led him to study meditation.
00:09:59 – What neuroscientists have discovered about the impact of meditation on the brain.
00:19:19 – How self-awareness helps us to manage our emotions and stay “balanced” amid chaos.
00:21:59 – How to become more keenly aware of our fear and anxiety, so we can recover faster.
00:24:29 – Why George Soros paid close attention to how he felt—emotionally and physically.
00:28:35 – Why it’s risky to make big decisions when hungry, angry, lonely, tired, in pain, or stressed.
00:32:03 – How the brain gets “hijacked” by sudden negative emotions—and what to do about it.
00:35:20 – How Warren Buffett and Bill Miller succeed by reacting unemotionally to bad news.
00:39:40 – How we can handle stressful situations by learning to think about them differently.
00:43:48 – How a simple breathing exercise can help you to calm down and improve your focus.
00:47:55 – Which meditation app Daniel Goleman and William Green both recommend.
00:51:31 – How to deal with a barrage of information and distractions without losing your focus.
01:01:53 – How Daniel deals with difficult emotions by “sitting with them” until they dissipate.
01:05:43 – How meditation helps multibillionaire Ray Dalio think clearly and maintain his equanimity.
01:07:35 – What Daniel Goleman has learned from his friendship with the Dalai Lama.

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